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Keenan Simik Komaksiutiksak

Keenan Simik Komaksiutiksak is a dancer who lives in Ottawa, Ontario. His family, originally from Rankin Inlet, Nunavut, moved when Keenan was a young boy. Keenan is a multidisciplinary dancer. His styles include Contemporary and Ballet (supplemented by skills in Circus and Contortionism).


Keenan prepares himself for his first performance, a mix of contemporary circus ballet and contortionism. Growing up twospirited wasn’t always easy for Keenan but when he found his passion for dance and entered an arts high school to focus on his passion everything became clear for him. Keenan performs his first piece to the music of The Halluci Nation, We Are the Halluci Nation. Sitting with his family at their home in Ottawa Keenan’s dad prepares Quaq, a snack of frozen caribou meat for the family to enjoy. Keenan checks out the set for his next dance and does a quick warm up. He takes the stage for his second performance to the music of Tanya Tagaq’s, Snowblind. Keenan meets up with one of his students for a practice session as they dance and share techniques. Keenan perform his last number to the music of Elisapie Isaac’s, Call of the Moose.

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