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Soleil Launière

Pekuakamilnu originally from Mashteuiatsh, Soleil Launière lives and works in Tiöhtià:ke – Mooniyang (Montreal). Multidisciplinary artist and director combining performance art, movement, theater and song, she interweaves the presence of the two-spirit body and experimental audiovisual while drawing inspiration from cosmogony and the sacred spirit of animals from the Innu world. She expresses in acts a thought on silences and universal languages.


Soleil Launière is living proof that with hard work and dedication, you can achieve anything. She did not take the standard route to achieve her dream, but became a professional dancer by receiving informal training and guidance from mentors. Now, she performs at venues around the world. Take an inside look at how she creates her set designs and uses natural elements to create memorable and unique performances.

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