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The Ukwehuwe Connection

The Ukwehuwe Connection is a traditional dance troupe of the Oneida Nation from Ontario, Canada. Founded by Frazer Sundown and consisting of multiple dancers including Ty Smoke and Jasmine Phillips, the troupe travels the world sharing, showcasing, and teaching their Haudenosaunee culture.


Through the performance of three traditional Haudenosaunee dances we look at the lives of an Oneida Dance Troupe. Through the game of lacrosse, dancer Ty Smoke and drummer Frazer Sundown give us the story of the war dance, a dance traditionally performed before going to war and to honour veterans and warriors of their nation. Jasmine Phillips shares her passion for dance and shows us the Woman’s Dance. Performed with gentle footwork touching the earth as gently as possible Jasmine steps to the beat of Frazer’s drum. The performances culminate with the Smoke Dance, a fast-paced driving beat propels the dancers across the stage.

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