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Ivanie Aubin-Malo

Wolastoq and Quebecois dancer, choreographer and curator, IVANIE AUBIN-MALO graduated from the École de Danse Contemporaine de Montréal in 2014. She then met Curtis Joe Miller who passed on to her the Fancy Shawl dance. Ivanie invests herself in projects that reflect on ecology and human ethics regarding its environment. Dancing at shows such as Waskapitan to raise funds and raise awareness for a certain cause is part of her actions as an artist. She contributes in connecting indigenous movement based artists to break isolation, cultivate inspiration, facilitate knowledge sharing and dare certain collaborations.

Based in Tio'Tia: ke and curator at Tangente, Ivanie wishes to help build relationships between indigenous and non-indigenous dancers to honor a land of gathering.


Ivanie has built an impressive career and hails from one of the highest calibers of performing arts schools in the country when she graduated from l’École de danse contemporaine de Montréal. Her endeavour wasn’t as easy as one may think when you see her on stage because she was rejected from the school the first year she applied, but with additional training and a little determination, she landed a spot and is making her mark in the industry. Now, she has taken her career to the next level by becoming a curator and choreographer, immersing herself in the world of performing arts and living the dream.

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