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Josée Bourgeois

JOSÉEE BOURGEOIS is a proud multi disciplined artist, dancer and movement specialist in many diverse dance styles ranging from Contemporary Pow Wow, Contemporary dance, Pole dance, Hip Hop and is a dedicated Yoga enthusiast. She currently resides on her ancestral territory of Pikwakanagan Ontario.

Since 2015 she has been based in the Ottawa area creating a strong foundation of networks and collaborations which have contributed to a very strong portfolio of impressive works including a Dance Artist Residency with the National Art Center, all the while creating a short film entitled « The Sickness ».


Josée Bourgeois is a multi-discipline dancer from Pikwakanagan Ontario. She relies on traditional dancing styles to stay connected to her roots but also delves into contemporary dance to explore thoughts and emotions. Together, all of these styles combine to make up, who she is as a artist.

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