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Shady Hafez

Shady Hafez is a Traditional Indigenous Dancer in the Anishinaabe Mens style. He has been dancing since he was a teenager. He travels the powwow trail dancing and emceeing when the opportunity arises. He currently lives in Ottawa, Ontario, with his Partner and Daughter.


Shady takes us fishing at a rapid near his home in Ottawa, Ontario. This is an activity that keeps him grounded in the busy city and keeps him connected to his Anishinabe heritage. He takes the stage to perform a Men’s Traditional straight song and explains that the dance originated out west and has been shared through the powwow circle making it a staple of powwow style dance. Back at his home Shady fires up the barbeque to cook some Kofta. He explains that his father family is from Syria, and he practices both his Anishinabe culture and Syrian Culture on a regular basis. Shady performs a Crow Hop, another dance which originated in the west and has become a popular dance for both men and women in the powwow circle. Shady is a proud father of a young girl. He introduced her to the powwow trail and to dance at a very young age. He sits with his daughter and teaches her how to bead her own pieces for her regalia. Shady performs a Sneak-up.

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