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Erin Brillon

Erin Brillon is a Traditional Dancer and visual artist of Haida and Cree ancestry. Her Haida name is Kalga Jaad (woman of Ice) inherited by her maternal grandmother who is from the Laana T’sadas Eagle Clan of Skidegate Haida. Her Cree side from her maternal grandfather is from Lesser Slave Lake, Alberta. ERIN has founded two dance groups, one for urban Indigenous Youth called Little Feathers which operated from 2003 to 2009 as well as a Haida group, the Xyuu Xyahl Gaand.nga (Southeast Wind Dancers) that she founded and continues to coordinate with Avis O’Brien. ERIN also participates in two other cultural dance groups with her partner Andy Everson (K’omoks/Kwakwakwak’w) - The Kumugwe Cultural Group and the Le-La-La Dancers. ERIN has travelled internationally with these groups.

Andy Everson

Andy Everson is a dancer and artist who belongs to the K’omoks First Nation and is descended from the Kwagu’ł, Na̱mg̱is and Tlingit peoples. He carries the chiefly ancestral name Ḵ̓wa̱mxa̱laga̱lis, or Avalanching-Around-the-World, and has been initiated into the Hamatsa Dance Society with the name Tanis, or Cannibal Dancer. Obtaining his first dance through ceremony at the age of 10, ANDY has been dancing ever since. He joined his first traditional dance group as a teenager in the late 1980s and has been with the Le-La-La Dancers as one of their head dancers since 1992. This has enabled ANDY to travel the world, sharing his culture through song and dance. Twenty years ago, ANDY founded the Kumugwe Dancers in his home village of K’omoks and has acted as leader of the dance group during that time. Passing on his knowledge of traditional dance and contemporary performance, ANDY has guided both young and old alike to learn the dances of their ancestors. Outside of dance, ANDY is a culture keeper and researcher with a Masters degree in Anthropology and is a full time professional visual artist working in his ancestral art forms.


Andy and Erin are a couple. Both visual artist and dance leaders. They are behind many iconic art works - working in his ancestral art forms. Andy is a culture keeper and researcher with a Masters degree in Anthropology and his Chief grandfather built the K’omoks long house. Erin and Andy opened their newly built home and production studio and showroom, named Kwigwatsi Studio, on the K’omoks First Nation. They will be accompanied by William who will be performing the music.

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